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The Un-Super Bowl full of nuts

The Coffee: I would like to discuss anything but the Super Bowl, but….oh wait…

Seriously though. With the excessive amount of hype for the ads, I was pretty disappointed. Between lounging with my roommates over two medium-sized heart attacks pizzas, we discussed how forgettable the spots really were. If I were to spend 3 million dollars on anything I would like it to provide results besides what was tweeted most.

This is where my cynical view of advertising comes in. The only affective form of advertising to me is one that gets the name out. After that, it is all user review. I am more likely to buy a product if it is recommended to me than if I see it on television. While I laughed at the Doritos ads, especially this one, I actually really don’t enjoy them and never will.

I am continuously laughing at the baby catapulting into the wall. Is that bad? I am off my moral rocker?

Anyways, what did you think of the ads? I know you are just rushing off to buy a volkschevchryhybrid whatnot whohaah.

The Cream and Sugar: I plan on purchasing all the stock of Mike’s Pastry next Monday. No, I’ll probably just get a cookie and toast wine from a box to all the people I love in my life. I’m thankful for friends that make me laugh every single day. I don’t need a Valentine to find peace in my life.

This Valentine’s, try not to get caught up in the rat race of consumerism. Roses are honestly so boring unless you get them on a completely random day of the year.


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“Man cannot live by bread alone; he must have peanut butter.”

The Coffee: A feel as though a large aspect of my life is an analogy to peanut butter. My job, my friends, my hobbies; often I feel as though they are all stuck together in one way or another.

It is difficult to find time for all your commitments when they are essentially from completely different jars. One thing that I try to remember is that you should always find time for each commitment, and if you can’t, then you probably shouldn’t call yourself a part of the group at all.

I feel half heartedly committed to the vast area of social media tools I subscribe to. This article from BBC suggests a thought I pondered for some time now. Are social networks making us less human? I agree that tools such as Facebook can help you interact with international friends, but it’s ridiculous that my two roommates were Facebook chatting one another last night while sitting on the same couch.

Keep in mind that staying with the times doesn’t mean you can’t put away your cell phone during dinner perhaps with family or close friends.

The Cream and Sugar: This amazing book I heard about that I think I need, but probably don’t. Good to the Grain: Baking with Whole Grain Flours.

Recently, my mother and I are obsessed with cooking with wheat flour when I am home for a few days here and there…such as whole wheat grilled pizza or whole wheat cinnamon swirl bread. While my interning/college lifestyle doesn’t allow me to even remotely be able to afford these recipes, it is nice to dream. Right?


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When life hands you limes, grab a Corona

The Coffee: After moping around a bit on Sunday evening because clearly Giselle hasn’t been doing her job, I realized that I can watch the Superbowl ads and nothing else.

What I predict for this year is a wave of social media influences including Twitter competitions, YouTube links, Facebook campaigns and Foursquare check-ins. Advertisers can really make their bagillion dollar spot worth while if they do not limit it to 30 secs.

Who will be most innovative this year? Anheuser-Busch InBev, Pepsi, Walt Disney, General Motors, Coca-Cola, or an underdog we didn’t see coming?

Here is my favorite from last year (shout out to Betty White’s 89th birthday!)

With smartphone ready in hand, I hope to win some useless crap or at least beer.

The Cream & Sugar: Regis Philbin retires. Will they replace him with someone as smart hot as Kelly? I would like to see a Craig Ferguson type British irish guy. Please just not Kelly’s husband, the cuteness cup would runneth over. But this poll from People mag puts Mark with 54%!

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New Year. New Coffee.

It’s snowing outside right now. Not that shit that pretends it’s snow and is actually glorified rain, but the big fluffy flakes you want to catch in your month even though they may be polluted. 2011 is a new year for me and although I want to cry tears of flames to obliterate this mess outside the office window, I have hope that finally starting a blog may melt away the worries.

The Coffee: I drink my coffee black. I like my information plain. Such as Jay Dolan’s hysterical analysis of Quora.

The Cream & Sugar: What distracts me from the coffee, such as making these amazing cookies or knowing as much about wine as this guy.

Stay with me. I’m the new gal 😉

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