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Coffee: Little Ways to Save on Groceries \ Cream&Sugar: My Skin Secret

The Coffee: Did I tell you I am going to Europe in June? It can only mean one thing; save, save, save!

In my lifestyle at least, the largest drainage of my wallet occurs from grocery shopping; here are some ways you can keep that bill locked under a budget:

  • Create a strategy or list before you go- you’ll avoid impulse buys or  doubling back to stuff you forgot in past isles
  • Get the cold items last – the longer they stay out of the cold of the store the less time they’ll last in your possession
  • Store things properly in the fridge – plastic containers that are meant to keep items fresh will keep you from going back to the store frequently due to rotten items
  • Prepare lunches for the whole week on Sunday night so you can avoid expensive restaurants near the office – Soups are great, but so is lasagna, a giant salad, or a rice dish.

The Cream & Sugar: Do you have a skin remedy you swear by? My secret? It’s not ProActive folks (though I was a user in my teen years). It’s Dr. Hauschka; say that 10 times fast.

My Dutch roommate introduced me to the product line in college, and I was hooked. It weighs heavily on a daily routine of washing, toning and moisturizing. While a lot of products suggest a night cream, the Dr. says skip it! No scrubbing, no harsh chemicals, no dyeing your pillow sheets.

They have lines specializing in oily, dry, sensitive or any combination of skin types. Yes, it is a bit expensive than your over-the-counter CVS brand wash, but I truly believe my skin has thanked me and will keep thanking me when I’m 60. You can find products at your local WholeFoods and even some spas carry the line.



P.S. I changed my titles. I decided song lyrics rarely make sense no matter how much I like them 😉


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