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Orange is young, full of daring but very unsteady for the first go ’round

The Coffee: The Holidays are here. There is no denying it! Get out your cocktail attire because the parties are upon us. With that said, the topic of late has been what is and isn’t appropriate for a work holiday party. No, not the party your local coffee shop throws, but the budget breaking corporate who-ha of nights where you are more worried about the length of your hem then the spiked egg-nog. Here are some dos and don’ts that will get you through:

  1. Do dress the Attire – If you think it is inappropriate, it probably is. Go with your gut. If you have to ask someone else what they think, then you probably know the answer. Think classy, sophisticated, conservative. I absolutely adore this little number from j.crew. Wish it was even close to my budget, woof.
  2. Don’t over Drink – Open Bar = deadly. Think of this way, if you don’t want to do anything embarrassing, then keep your cocktail drinking to a manageable amount. And for goodness sake, eat something!
  3. Do network – Keep your drink in your left hand ready to meet new people, expand your network and gain an understanding of other’s interests
  4. Don’t gossip – Holiday parties are a great time to mingle with those outside your circle, but it doesn’t mean you should spill your deadliest thoughts about your coworker. Be careful and reserved about how you speak about others, that person will have more respect for you in the end
  5. Do thank – The party planners went through a lot of work for your enjoyment!
  6. Don’t talk business – Avoid work topics all night, its boring. the end.
  7. Do HAVE FUN! – I mean who can’t have fun at a free party?

The Cream and Sugar: Remember the recipe I posted for pumpkin pie? Well I made it this year for Thanksgiving again and it was a huge hit! This year, I covered the crust edges in thin strips of foil so they wouldn’t burn. A little secret? I added honey roasted pecans instead of regular ones for a little flair!

I love flowers, and apparently, my boyfriend knows I do too 🙂






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“It is a curious thought, but it is only when you see people looking ridiculous that you realize just how much you love them.”

The Coffee: 22 is a strange age to say the least. Recently when I met up with some girlfriends, we found the conversation took a turn to finance, bills, jobs and a vast array of serious things that I don’t want to worry about! I am determined to be responsible, but not sweat the small stuff. With a collegeless life in my palms, I’m finding new time to rekindle my hobbies. I am going to start painting again and fill the blank wall behind my bed with a glorious landscape (sunflowers involved). I am completing the Metro daily crosswords. I am writing. I am reading (just started a 10 book fantasy series). Optimism is my best friend today as I realize all the possibilities on the path to my quarter life! Don’t worry, I found time to begin my 401k and budget my monthly bills too 😉

The Cream and Sugar: I love Fall the same reason I love Spring, non-extreme hot/cold weather. Except for one exception: pumpkin.

Here are my favorite pumpkin things thus far:

Pumpkin Beer: I can not get enough of this stuff. I am a fan of Wachusett and ShipYard, not so much for Shock Top’s version.

Pumpkin K-Cups: We just starting getting these in the office and they are such a nice pick-me-up in the morning! I wonder what they would be like with a dash of cinnamon in them?

Pumpkin Pie: I made this recipe last year for Thanksgiving at my house and can’t wait to make it again! I use two recipes, one for the pie and one for the AH-mazing topping (seriously this topping makes it, and the pie recipe is a little healthier than the latter).

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Cookies: I haven’t tried these yet, but it’s only a matter of time! This is the best recipe I found from SweetPea’sKitchen blog.


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