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As my mother always says “Old Friends Are the Best Friends”

The Coffee: Do you remember when I posted about Pinterest in October? Well apparently, my secret divulging is now all the range.

I begin to wonder if it is just a fad. Studies conclude that the usage has somewhat plateaued. I am on the radar because it is part of my job to find ways to measure Pinterest. Bottom line; it will not stick unless brands can make numbers/graphs/metrics out of their efforts. Word to the wise, if you want to make a cool new networking or sharing tool, find a way to produce results!

You don’t have to tell me twice that it is addictive, here is a pretty infographic that proves why.

The Cream and Sugar: In reference to the title of this post, I visited New York City a few weeks ago to catch up with some old friends. While I love Boston, New York City certainly has my eye. Since I live by the motto “You only Live Once”, I foresee it in my near future.

I can never complain about catching up with old friends, you can talk about the past, present and future as if they already know what you are going to say. Not to mention, my friends have a love of food equal to my own so there was no lack of yummy brunch(s), fresh dumplings and artisan cheeses.

Here are a few tidbits:

Reminiscing and strolling down second ave.

Dancing and being classy at The Jane Hotel

Egg white and Goat Cheese omelet at a famous NYC brunch spot

Gallivanting around Chelsea Market. One of the most unusual places I’ve been to in a while, converted from an old warehouse, it contains endless cute food shops! This is where we got our fancy cheese 🙂

Arriving home at 7:30 a.m. after an evening of champagne, dancing at Marquee , Korean cousine, and karaoke.

 And finally, strolling on 5th avenue after purchasing this Kate Spade purse!




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