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Apply and Forget – Job Hunting

The Coffee: My gal pal at Apple Montage gave me a tidbit of her daily pep talk while she lives it up in NYC. The life of a recent graduate applying for jobs requires you to “Apply and Forget”. Do not dwell on the interview you just went on, if it is meant to happen, it will!

Applying this to my life, I truly believe that the past is the past. Look at Egypt right now. Through my mixed emotions of feeling angry, depressed, hopeful and discouraged, I mostly feel like this is ridiculous! It is hard for me to fathom how the government should correct this issue.

I think this guy has the right idea (graphic of the 5 U.S. leaders to Egypt’s 1)

The Cream and Sugar: While humming every summertime related song I know today to get through the Thundersnow craziness outside, I remember that Chesney is coming to Gillette this summer! Who’s excited!!


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