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When life hands you limes, grab a Corona

The Coffee: After moping around a bit on Sunday evening because clearly Giselle hasn’t been doing her job, I realized that I can watch the Superbowl ads and nothing else.

What I predict for this year is a wave of social media influences including Twitter competitions, YouTube links, Facebook campaigns and Foursquare check-ins. Advertisers can really make their bagillion dollar spot worth while if they do not limit it to 30 secs.

Who will be most innovative this year? Anheuser-Busch InBev, Pepsi, Walt Disney, General Motors, Coca-Cola, or an underdog we didn’t see coming?

Here is my favorite from last year (shout out to Betty White’s 89th birthday!)

With smartphone ready in hand, I hope to win some useless crap or at least beer.

The Cream & Sugar: Regis Philbin retires. Will they replace him with someone as smart hot as Kelly? I would like to see a Craig Ferguson type British irish guy. Please just not Kelly’s husband, the cuteness cup would runneth over. But this poll from People mag puts Mark with 54%!


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