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Coffee: Let Go to Get Happy Cream&Sugar: Inspiring Bloggers

The Coffee: I read this inspiring article the other day. Instead of recommending what to add to your life to be happy, it suggested items to give up!

  1. Giving up the need to always be right
  2. Give up your need for control
  3. Give up on blame
  4. Give up on your self-defeating self-talk
  5. Give up your limiting beliefs
  6. Give up complaining
  7. Give up the luxury of criticism
  8. Give up your need to impress others
  9. Give up your resistance to change
  10. Give up labels
  11. Give up your excuses
  12. Give up on the past
  13. Give up attachment
  14. Give up your fears
  15. Give up living your life to other people’s expectations
Okay, you can’t do this all at once. Here is a baby step: When you are about to complain about something little, think about it for 10 more seconds. If it still seems worth complaining about after that, I’d be surprised. Don’t forget what makes you, you. 
The Cream and Sugar: Speaking of inspiring things, I mostly certainly would never be inspired to blog unless I read about these pretty bloggers. The following sparkly ladies write about anything under the sun and I always look forward to their next post! Don’t fear (see above) writing about what you love, others might love it too.

JordanOh Happy Day – “featuring DIY party projects, party planning ideas, interior design, weddings, letterpress and invitations, design, photography, an occasional kid product and anything “pretty”.”

JoannaCup of Joe – Joanna writes about everything, but what is really inspiring is her ability to open up to her readers,  share intiment stories of her life, and most importantly, blog about her adorable baby Toby.

EmilyCupcakes and Cashmere – Emily is simply fabulous and so is her life.

ErinApartment34 – “celebrates curating a styled life featuring all things fabulous in fashion, decor, weddings, interiors, food, photography and whatever else happens to capture my eye.” Erin always posts the more intriguing internet tidbits!

MollySmart Pretty & Awkward – Molly inspired my blog layout, since I can never coherently post about one thing, I separated it into two.

AareanThe Color Issue – As her tag lines indicate, everything she posts make my eyes sing!

CarolynSparkle, Glitter & Shine – A friend near and dear to me, Carolyn puts sparkle into every step of her day.

BreeBaked Bree – Bree’s food and recipes simply look amazing. the end.

Irish cupcakes with Bailey’s. Get at me.




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