The Coffee: Grad Advice Cream/Sugar: Grad Memories

The Coffee: With the bombardment of sentimental Graduation thoughts on my Facebook today from all my friends at commencement for NU 2012, I have mixed emotions. Sad, proud, scared, happy, excited. Even though I rushed to complete my degree in 4 years rather than 5, I don’t regret the decisions I made. I still feel a bit envious of my friends though. What I would give to feel the exhilarating high again that the world was in the palm of my hand!

Let me tell you, a year has flown by. It seems like yesterday I was moving my tassel, on the verge of tears, excited for the real world! I can’t wait for my friends to join me here on this side of the fence, and here are some words of advice:

  •  Don’t stress about finding the perfect job, your 20’s are about making mistakes and taking risks so even if your first job isn’t ideal, it will still be worth it!
  • Grad school doesn’t have to happen right away. Take time to explore, travel, visit friends in the cities they move to.
  • Be careful with debt, with graduation comes loan payments and new expenses so be smart!
  • Don’t take NO for an answer – if something doesn’t work out, ask WHY
  • Cherish your college friends, they will always support you through your adult life

The Cream and Sugar: Since I am being all sentimental now, here is where I was a year ago today!

My proud parents and I:

My best friend Saskia and (now boyfriend) Jon:

Saskia and I 🙂




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