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“I’ve got nothin left to lose, but I’m no pair of dancing shoes”

The Coffee: Happy Holidays; if you are not in the spirit yet, this video will surely help 😉

The Cream and Sugar: 5-4-3-2-1 Happy New Year! New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that either goes really well or really well but slightly embarrassing.  I always want to have most amazing-sparkly-time, and I get so nervous planning. I’d say the last few were pretty successfully unforgettable, specially because I kissed my girlfriends at midnight instead of any undeserving guy around me. This year I do have a derserving guy though 🙂

My Bests Laura & Luke ringing in 2011 in Boston below. It involved a bottle of blueberry vodka, a party bus, a club with three floors themed heaven/earth/hell, and we stayed in Hell the whole night. I don’t know where I got that headband.


2010 – my favorite year, a house party at Jeff’s apt. in Boston. 6 Bottles of champagne (one casualty), lots of laughs, a lost Sperry, a 5 way kiss between my girlfriends, and grenadine. I got that sparkly skirt at Forever21!


 a trend forms – 2010 – Bests – Sam – Laura – Katrina!

2009 Bests (classy and ew I was skinny)! I think 25 of us slept in one room.

2008 Bests (ugh these outfits)!




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