Tie Your Dreams up with a Bow

(okay. it has been a while. Let me apologize and blame: new job, summer classes, best friend moving to a foreign country, new boy, and well, come on, its summer!)

The Coffee: The last couple of months have been life altering. I turn 22 at the end of this week *yikes* and just set up my 401k last week. I think the problem with a lot of kids in my generation is we were brought up in this ideal of a future mapped out for us. Where is the drive, the climb, the jumping in and getting your hands dirty? Sometimes I need to remind myself not to be lazy about my future. The best way? Thinking of supporting a family comfortably 15 years from now. Don’t want kids? Think about supporting yourself traveling the world. There are many ways nixing your laziness could pay off.

The Cream and sugar: Last night, over tasty melting ice cream and good laughs, I met up with a great friend of mine at Toscanini’s, find her adventures here. Besides discussing inappropriate public aspects of society, we found ourselves on a tangent of Walt Disney. I guess after you’ve reached the age of fantasizing, you can take a look back and think about how your childhood may have created a *few* false hopes. Yet, I would like to optimistically believe the false realities helped us make sense of our own.

But then I came across Dina Goldstein’s work – whoa depressing true!




I’ll be sure to write about happy food thoughts in my next post!


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