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I can stand what I know. It’s what I don’t know that frightens me.

The Coffee: On August 18th, I officially handed in my last paper (17 pages!) and took my last final. It is a bittersweet moment. Not only do I feel slightly scared for the uncertainty of my future, I also feel excited for the endless possibilities my future now holds. One of the downsides, and currently the bane of my existence, is this:

Enough said.

The Cream and Sugar: My co-worker at Sparkle, Glitter and Shine led to this wonder of all wonders yesterday! Etsy color discovery amazing-unicorn-happiness explosion. Yes that. I want to buy everything. Are you stuck on a color theme but can’t find inspiration? This is the way for you!




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We fear death because we feel that we haven’t loved well enough or loved at all, which ultimately are one and the same…

The Coffee: I saw Midnight in Paris yesterday, and I must admit, this is a summer bucket list priority! Little did I know this Woody Allen creation would send me tumbling to memories of my favorite artists, writers, and poets of the 1920’s and make me long to skip over to the nearest Museum and drool over Monets, Picassos and Degas’. The main premise of this story is yearning for a life more glamerous than your own. The protagonist, Owen Wilson, learns to accept his own reality as the best because you can’t keep living in a fantasy. Everyone has an idol, even your own idol. This week I try to channel this into my own life by getting being excited about the present I live in.

The Cream and Sugar: I am moving semi outside Boston in the fall. For once in 4 years, I will have my own room. Mind you, I am an only child, so 4 years wasn’t much to compromise after an entire lifetime of aloneness. I am especially excited for this new move because this is THE move from college living to *real* living. I’m throwing out the sticky wall tape, heading to Home Depot and buying some goddamn nails. I am also saying no to tapestries. First things first, I want pretty wall art.

While I would love a room like this…






I suppose I can settle for this gorgeous number…












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Tie Your Dreams up with a Bow

(okay. it has been a while. Let me apologize and blame: new job, summer classes, best friend moving to a foreign country, new boy, and well, come on, its summer!)

The Coffee: The last couple of months have been life altering. I turn 22 at the end of this week *yikes* and just set up my 401k last week. I think the problem with a lot of kids in my generation is we were brought up in this ideal of a future mapped out for us. Where is the drive, the climb, the jumping in and getting your hands dirty? Sometimes I need to remind myself not to be lazy about my future. The best way? Thinking of supporting a family comfortably 15 years from now. Don’t want kids? Think about supporting yourself traveling the world. There are many ways nixing your laziness could pay off.

The Cream and sugar: Last night, over tasty melting ice cream and good laughs, I met up with a great friend of mine at Toscanini’s, find her adventures here. Besides discussing inappropriate public aspects of society, we found ourselves on a tangent of Walt Disney. I guess after you’ve reached the age of fantasizing, you can take a look back and think about how your childhood may have created a *few* false hopes. Yet, I would like to optimistically believe the false realities helped us make sense of our own.

But then I came across Dina Goldstein’s work – whoa depressing true!




I’ll be sure to write about happy food thoughts in my next post!

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