Spontaneousity is the key to fun!

The Coffee: Happy Media Monday! While I worked a double yesterday, it became so slow, we were able to pop on the volume of the televisions in the downstairs bar. This is sad. However, I caught a few clips of the Oscars between serving martinis extra dry, extra olives.

My thoughts: Soon, the desperate attempt for media dinosaurs to embrace technology will end. While it was a sad ploy to target younger demographics, I applaud the academy for at least trying. When I reach the age of 70 or so, I hope I don’t use the phrase “young and hip” to figure out my grandchildren (I’m sure I will). This CNN article describes the Oscars as a “bomb heard around the internet”.










The Cream and Sugar: Found this AMAZING site that houses all of the Whose Line is it Anyway? Episodes whenever you are in need of a good laugh. My personal favorite? The Richard Simmons episode. I have to say that this show was one of the few that made me laugh out loud, and I mean belly laugh at 2am on some idle Tuesday sipping wine. It was the spontaneous actions of Wayne Brady or Ryan Stiles that got me. Even if the show was planned, it still seemed improve enough to inspire me to plan less in my own life.

I find the most fun jumps up unexpectedly 😀


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