How to Be Happy

The Coffee: Have you seen Coke’s new marketing campaign with their Happiness Truck? This is a brilliant idea. It spins on that infamous vending machine situation where you get two bottles for the price of one! Or you get a snickers and the hanging bag of chips that was underneath it from the last poor soul.

I find this truly inspiring for individuals, such as myself, who find happiness in the little things. I know this sounds cliche, but every one should take the time each day to spread a little happiness to a friend. A week ago, I surprised my roommates with choco covered strawberries for fun!

The Cream and Sugar: Restaurant Week Boston! I am definitely participating this year. This is a great way for a broke college lady to eat a fantastic meal! Where are you going to eat?


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  1. yay! Happy people! Don’t you just love being happy?! haha Let’s find that truck!

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