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Spontaneousity is the key to fun!

The Coffee: Happy Media Monday! While I worked a double yesterday, it became so slow, we were able to pop on the volume of the televisions in the downstairs bar. This is sad. However, I caught a few clips of the Oscars between serving martinis extra dry, extra olives.

My thoughts: Soon, the desperate attempt for media dinosaurs to embrace technology will end. While it was a sad ploy to target younger demographics, I applaud the academy for at least trying. When I reach the age of 70 or so, I hope I don’t use the phrase “young and hip” to figure out my grandchildren (I’m sure I will). This CNN article describes the Oscars as a “bomb heard around the internet”.










The Cream and Sugar: Found this AMAZING site that houses all of the Whose Line is it Anyway? Episodes whenever you are in need of a good laugh. My personal favorite? The Richard Simmons episode. I have to say that this show was one of the few that made me laugh out loud, and I mean belly laugh at 2am on some idle Tuesday sipping wine. It was the spontaneous actions of Wayne Brady or Ryan Stiles that got me. Even if the show was planned, it still seemed improve enough to inspire me to plan less in my own life.

I find the most fun jumps up unexpectedly 😀


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Put Down the Crackberry & Eat Cupcakes

The Coffee: I heard on the news last night that mobile phones affect our brains. This is old news. I know that I should be using a bluetooth headset so I can mess up my ears instead or use speakerphone so everyone can hear the private conversation I am having with my doc. Over and over we hear how “scientists are unsure”, and I would like to conclude that the human race is on its way towards extinction anyways so live it up! drink bailey’s! eat cupcakes! (see below)

The Cream and Sugar: My dream of becoming a famous food blogger was squashed when I discovered FoodGawker today. How on EARTH do people make food so beautifully scrumdidlyumptios?

Whoa buddy look at these!

Or this!


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How to Be Happy

The Coffee: Have you seen Coke’s new marketing campaign with their Happiness Truck? This is a brilliant idea. It spins on that infamous vending machine situation where you get two bottles for the price of one! Or you get a snickers and the hanging bag of chips that was underneath it from the last poor soul.

I find this truly inspiring for individuals, such as myself, who find happiness in the little things. I know this sounds cliche, but every one should take the time each day to spread a little happiness to a friend. A week ago, I surprised my roommates with choco covered strawberries for fun!

The Cream and Sugar: Restaurant Week Boston! I am definitely participating this year. This is a great way for a broke college lady to eat a fantastic meal! Where are you going to eat?

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The Un-Super Bowl full of nuts

The Coffee: I would like to discuss anything but the Super Bowl, but….oh wait…

Seriously though. With the excessive amount of hype for the ads, I was pretty disappointed. Between lounging with my roommates over two medium-sized heart attacks pizzas, we discussed how forgettable the spots really were. If I were to spend 3 million dollars on anything I would like it to provide results besides what was tweeted most.

This is where my cynical view of advertising comes in. The only affective form of advertising to me is one that gets the name out. After that, it is all user review. I am more likely to buy a product if it is recommended to me than if I see it on television. While I laughed at the Doritos ads, especially this one, I actually really don’t enjoy them and never will.

I am continuously laughing at the baby catapulting into the wall. Is that bad? I am off my moral rocker?

Anyways, what did you think of the ads? I know you are just rushing off to buy a volkschevchryhybrid whatnot whohaah.

The Cream and Sugar: I plan on purchasing all the stock of Mike’s Pastry next Monday. No, I’ll probably just get a cookie and toast wine from a box to all the people I love in my life. I’m thankful for friends that make me laugh every single day. I don’t need a Valentine to find peace in my life.

This Valentine’s, try not to get caught up in the rat race of consumerism. Roses are honestly so boring unless you get them on a completely random day of the year.

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Apply and Forget – Job Hunting

The Coffee: My gal pal at Apple Montage gave me a tidbit of her daily pep talk while she lives it up in NYC. The life of a recent graduate applying for jobs requires you to “Apply and Forget”. Do not dwell on the interview you just went on, if it is meant to happen, it will!

Applying this to my life, I truly believe that the past is the past. Look at Egypt right now. Through my mixed emotions of feeling angry, depressed, hopeful and discouraged, I mostly feel like this is ridiculous! It is hard for me to fathom how the government should correct this issue.

I think this guy has the right idea (graphic of the 5 U.S. leaders to Egypt’s 1)

The Cream and Sugar: While humming every summertime related song I know today to get through the Thundersnow craziness outside, I remember that Chesney is coming to Gillette this summer! Who’s excited!!

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