Change your mind and a better mood might come along…

The Coffee: How appropriate. It’s National Coffee Break Day.

I would like to take a moment and think about how many coffee breaks I take. It is a little upsetting that today’s society focuses more on the break rather than the grind. Take Starbucks new reveal; they now accept mobile payments nationwide with a smartphone. This to me is deadly. My debit card is already like monopoly money never mind a little machine that thinks your phone is the bank. Starbuckians will now have the ability to overdose on overpriced coffee only further perpetuating the coffee addiction.

While critics say that coffee consumption will drop for younger generations, this doesn’t mean that caffeine intake will. If you are drinking coffee to get through your day, you must not enjoy it very much. Take your next break to evaluate what excites you, keeps you going, puts you in a good mood. Once you figure it out, you shouldn’t need caffeine.

The Cream and Sugar: Really? I love soccer; I don’t love soccer as much as my dutch roommate so I WILL NOT show her this picture. This 8 armed slimy beast definitely snatched the win from Holland. Europeans are so weird.


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